The process of federation in australia essay

Detail of a lithograph by John Skinner Prout showing the Cascades Female FactoryFemale factories in Australia housed convict women who were awaiting assignment, pregnant or undergoing punishment. They were called factories because the women were expected to work and because they also employed free working women. Task work was established in female factories inrequiring the occupants to do chores, needle-work and washing.

The process of federation in australia essay

How and Why Did Federation Occur in Australia? Free Essay

In this case, bringing all those colonies under one law or policy was a long and difficult process. These processes were the main events that led all those colonies towards Federation. Furthermore, Federation highlighted the need for Australia, to develop a defence force.

It began to help people with health or medical expenses. The members of the ANA were part of the Australian born group who were increasing in numbers, and they thought of Australia as their own country. Therefore, they appreciated the country and what it offered to them.

These people identified with Australia and they eventually started to have nationalist opinions about the country. By nearly three quarters of the population were native born, and they wanted to be an equal country with Britain.

They helped to inform the people of the idea of the Australian identity. Unionism in Australia began in when workers did not have rights to fixed wages, set hours or safe conditions of work. Australia And The World, P, Calvert, Herbst and Smith So working people of one trade or area joined together and formed a group to achieve common goals such as a better and safer conditions of work, negotiation of wages and working rules.

Wealthy people who employed them made working conditions much stricter in response to those who were forming Unions. Large numbers of workers from different trades combined to take political action on issues such as immigration, unemployment, and the conditions of work.

Unions had a better chance of being successful if they joined with others in other colonies to form large unions across the country. The Gold Rushes in Australia in led to an influx of immigration where a large number of people were coming to Australia from all over the world.

By the the colonies agreed to reduce the limit of Chinese people migrating to Australia. They wanted to keep Australia white and to prevent migration of any other race than European.

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Colonies realized by joining together that there could be one national law or policy to make this happen. This was an important reason for colonies supporting Federation.

The process of federation in australia essay

In summation, by the colonists of Australia, whose growing loyalty and love for their young country and culture, also wanted to establish their own nation. Each colony elected their delegates to compose the Establishment of Australia. The delegates came together for a conference. At this conference, they decided to work on a number of issues, deciding that all defence should be federally controlled, the colonies were to freely trade with one another and federal government was to manage the customs duties.

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Finally, there was to be a national referendum for the whole population in each colony. This was how the six colonial governments became six separate state governments and the Federation was made.The causes of Federation in Australia are both pragmatic and ideological.

Outline and analyse some of those causes as a rationale for federation. The federation of Australia was the development by which the six separate British self-governing colonies of New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. Perfectly imperfect - that's one way to describe LA based punk act, The Regrettes.

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Convict women in Australia were British prisoners whom the government increasingly sent out during the era of transportation () in order to develop the penal outpost of New South Wales (now a state of Australia) into a viable colony..

These women faced extreme difficulty in achieving freedom, solvency and respectability. They would be employed in ‘factories’ (equivalent of the. The Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW aims to promote informed debate on, and to improve public awareness and understanding of, defence and national security.

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