Organization development consultant plan for the red cross essay

Change Management All people and organizations are constantly going through change. If you and your organization are not growing, you and it will soon be obsolete in today's world. We provide understanding and support processes to improve an organization's ability to implement change in healthy and least destructive ways. Coaching People and organizations have their own answers.

Organization development consultant plan for the red cross essay

Quality assurance and data protection Submit Baseline Report Location of work: Agency for International Development's. The goal is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries and lessen the negative socio-economic impact caused by climate-related disasters e.

Starting in Januarythe second phase of the project will continue to build on community-based disaster risk reduction progress, working with affected coastal populations, and assisting the MRCS to expand CRCD activities. This new phase of intervention will assist 11 communities in the States of Chuuk and Kosrae, with two main objectives that are 1 to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable small island communities to mitigate risk and negative impact of coastal hazards, especially typhoons and 2 to strengthen coastal community resiliency through improved water sources, sanitation along with corresponding hygiene practices.

Augmenting investment in disaster preparedness and readiness capacity, the expected outcomes include: Project areas The Phase 2 of the CRCD project targets 11 municipalities, comprising 9 municipalities and 5 schools in Chuuk State and 2 municipalities and 2 schools in Kosrae State as detailed in Table 1 and 2 presented in Annex 1.

From the tables, targeted municipalities are grouped based on exposure of time of intervention Phase 2 only or both phases and the four different type of interventions that include: Coverage of evaluation It is expected that the formative evaluation Baseline survey and supplementary qualitative data collection will cover targeted population for Household survey at community level and student survey with some observations at school level.

Due to geographical challenge, it is suggested that the survey to exclude Tafunsak and thus will become one of study limitations. Municipalities from Mortlocks, Chuuk, are located in different island from Chuuk, hence, it is expected that consultant will consider time allocation for enumerator trainings and data collection in for different islands.

Provide descriptive information of project population Measure baseline status of project indicators Determine existing knowledge, perception, capacity, and behavior related to disaster risk reduction, climate change, coastal management, safe and hygiene practices, and potential barriers for desired behavioral changes at community and school levels Provide recommendation for behavior change communication strategy best targeted audience, suggested key messages, communication tools and channels and other technical recommendation for project implementation.

However, the baseline questionnaire will not limit to the indicators only to obtain comprehensive understanding towards existing knowledge, attitude, practices, and potential barriers on safe and hygiene practices. Therefore, the selected consultant, under consultation with project team, is expected to develop additional questions, particularly for information seeking on potential barriers.

In proposal, consultant has to explain proposed methodology, whether baseline survey alone is sufficient to meet the formative evaluation objectives or combined with qualitative methodology considering the geographical challenge and time allocation.

Scope of work and Evaluation design 3. The scope of work must include: Provide a complete Inception Report Final proposal and tools.

Organization development consultant plan for the red cross essay

The inception report will contain 1 the formative evaluation objective; 2 scope of work; 3 indicators measurement; 4 respondents with description of target population, important characteristics, context of the project, the proposed sample formula, sampling allocation and selection criteria, justification of sample weight if neededand response rate; 5 data collection instrument; 6 work plan provided in a table comprised of activities, days, date, responsible consultant team member; 7 details on work plan with a table comprised of activities and their description; 8 analysis plan explained in a table consisted of type of analysis and its utilization; 9 consultant deliverables; 10 additional comments if applicable ; 11 resources listing the resources needed in a table including list of resources needed, number, unit, and details; and 12 Annex with all supporting documents attached on the report.

This Inception Report is made by the selected consultant based on selection results between Red Cross team.

Project Background

Develop two questionnaires for household survey at community level and for students at school level. This process will be done in close consultation with Red Cross team in development draft tools will be provided by Red Crossand questionnaire pre-testing, and final approval from the Red Cross team.

The draft questionnaires must be tested and finalized as part of Annexes in Inception Report. Coordinate the utilization of KoboCollect or ODK or other standard mobile data application Once the questionnaire has been finalized, the consultant will develop questionnaire in the ODK or other mobile data collection methods with MRCS staff to be accessed by enumerators for field data collection.Leadership Development for Organizational Success Aaron J.

Kraus and Chantale N. Wilson The University of Akron training and development, human factors psychology, leadership development and cross-cultural psychology. agreement with the strategic plan, and developing. An organization that isn't working up to its potential is in danger of failing, and the health of any profitable business depends on its workforce.

An organizational development consultant is an independent contractor who is trained to enter an organization and develop a plan to make it healthy and. Organizational Development Anthony Ford PSY/ September 27, Agnes Browne Organizational Development Organization Development is a development where [If not referring to a place, instead of "where," use "which" or "in which"] organizations formulate the best plan for ultimate resourcefulness and the most .

Organizational Development Essay Words 6 Pages Organizational Development (OD) has become more and more important for today’s organizations because the world is moving so fast that organizations have to find ways to be more effective, more innovation, more customer-driven, and more agile.

The American Red Cross values are compassionate, collaborative, creative, credible, and committed (American Red Cross ). The values listed here is the foundation for this organization; the same values should be followed and supported by individuals. American Red Cross Essay Words | 4 Pages The American Red Cross Summary The American Red Cross (ARC) is an independent organization, supported by public financial donations and volunteerism.

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