Chinese culture research paper

The knowledge of different cultures and cultural practices is very important for those working in the health care field. When a client of a different nationality comes into a hospital, it is important for the nurse to know how to communicate, verbally and nonverbally, to the client in order to care for his or her needs as quickly as possible. Also, the cultural beliefs of the client may conflict with the beliefs of the nurse.

Chinese culture research paper

Regardless of the condition of its peoples, China managed to maintain its literary tradition and this played an important role in shaping its language and the way that it interacts with Chinese-speaking individuals. It is actually impressive to observe how language survived the test of time and, in contrast to other mediums, is currently one of the principal elements that people use with the purpose to express their values.

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The amount of ideas that a person needs to take in so as for him or her to be able to gain a proper understanding of the language and its culture is much bigger than the amount of information one usually accumulates when learning a language.

This is perfectly exemplified by non-Han speaking communities in China. In spite of being minorities that have resided in the territory for hundreds and even thousands of years, these groups have preserved a great deal of traditions and thus make it impossible for the Chinese society to assimilate them.

The fact that there are very little language teachers meant to address these minorities makes matters even more complicated.

Chinese culture research paper

Conditions in many minority communities are critical because cultural values respected in many of these respective groups have nothing to do with cultural values promoted in China in general. While things are confusing when concerning particular minorities and their relationship with the widely appreciated Mandarin culture, matters are especially complex when considering Tibetans.

A great deal of people in Tibet considers that learning Mandarin Chinese is the only solution for them to have a normal life and to be able to succeed in achieving their goals. The fact that they have access to a wider range of opportunities as a consequence of knowing Chinese is believed by many to be an advantage.

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Individuals in urban areas are typically the ones who feel that it would be important for Tibetans to learn Mandarin Chinese Wang,p.

In some cases it would be essential for Chinese to become an active element in a community, as it can make the difference between individuals who are educated and those who are not.

In other cases, it can pervade a culture to the point where it destroys it and individuals who formerly appreciated it simply abandon its teachings in order to adopt Chinese cultural values.

While the situation concerning Tibetans is divisive, matters are less complex when it comes to cultures promoted in other communities. Many minority languages in China have no written form and are spoken by very little people, this representing one of the primary reasons why they gradually become extinct.

It would certainly be wrong to say that one should simply accept the fact that his or her language is outdated and should disappear. However, in many instances progress is taking its course -- with a great deal of minority languages having been lost with or without the recent progress experienced by Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese culture research paper

From the early pictographic characters meant to describe ideas to modern Mandarin that contains characters that have nothing to do with physical representation or phonetics, Chinese has experienced a great deal of evolution and managed to preserve important cultural values as it progressed.

The fact that present-day Chinese have become an international economic force further contributes to cementing the role that the language plays today, taking into account how it has the tendency to make individuals speaking it interact with Chinese cultural values and identity.

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Fostering Rooted World Citizenry. Culture, Schooling, and Development.Nursing Education in China was based on the medical model and majority of the nurse trainees attended around two to four years of formal training, however, elements of Chinese culture significantly influenced the practice.

In this paper I want to do some research on the types of wine, the utensils of drinking, the ways people drink, the reasons why people drink wine and the function of wine culture at table in China.

As a matter of fact, the term of wine culture was first put forward by Guangyuan Yu, a renowned economist professor in China (Li D, Hui Y, ). Culture of China Research Papers The Culture of China switched from a traditionally based society to an agriculturally based society after suffering economic displacement, lagging health care, under and unemployment, and the loss of many from the community or village based loyalties, which occurred over many generations.

Chinese wine culture enjoys a high reputation in the world. In this paper I want to do some research on the types of wine, the utensils of drinking, the ways people drink, the reasons why people drink wine and the function of wine culture at table in China.

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Research paper about chinese culture It is besides a really dynamic portion of the Chinese folklore and civilization.

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It is besides a really. dynamic portion of the Chinese folklore and civilization.


A significant aspect of China is its long cultural and national history. The Chinese people, for longer than any other group on earth, have shared a common culture, which developed through a 5,year evolution. Certain events have significantly influenced this development.

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